1. Rekorderlig is a Swedish Cider made at Åbro brewery, a brewery which dates back more than 150 years making it the oldest family owned brewery in Sweden. Our cider is built on a foundation of sweet apple and pear cider, Swedish flavours, old tradition and modern innovation.

    Rekorderlig is a traditionally Swedish, sweeter style of Cider served best from a cold bottle, over ice in a tall glass accompanied by a garnish most suited for that flavour of cider.


    The Rekorderlig perfect serve ritual allows consumers to decant their cider over a full glass of ice and top-up their drink, keeping it fresh. 

    Serving the cider over ice chills the liquid, taking the edge off the sweetness of the cider - leaving it at the optimum taste flavour profile as it was intended to be consumed.

    A complementary twist of citrus specific to each variant further balances the sweetness and overall flavour profile.

    Rekorderlig embraces this unique serve as a duty to the liquid, its creator and consumer to ensure it is served perfectly every time


    Our apples & pears all come from northern Europe but due to the size of our production, we cannot utilise the same fruit source every time. Like many other global brands, we utilise different apples & pears to blend into a consistent flavour.

    We benefit everyday from the experience and knowledge of our 4th generation brewers at Åbro brewery to create our greatest cider possible, everyday. Blending the cider with our Swedish spring water creates our signature crisp clean character, making us stand out to other countries cider styles.

    In addition to our sheer volume of production, our commitment to having a cider brand that isn’t limited to one or two seasons a year means we have to produce our cider every month the whole year round. To achieve this we have to utilize multiple apple & pear producing countries across Europe to gain access to fruit to create a cider that is truly for all seasons.

  4. The Water comes from

    Our water comes from the same source we have been using for our Swedish beer, Åbro. This beer has been lovingly produced for more than 150 years and makes for an incredible ingredient in both beer and cider. Underneath the brewery runs the underground water stream, filtered through the ground, formed by the late ice age. This natural process creates water so soft and pure no other filtration is needed before consumption. The soft water helps to balance the cider’s natural flavours and our ABV, giving us a unique crisp and refreshing finish to our liquid. This water is our pride and joy and we like to think it carries a little part of Sweden with it into every bottle we send from the brewery.

  5. Discover why we have our 'perfect serve'

  6. Awards

    In addition to our consumer accolades, we are very proud to of the following International Cider achievements.

    • Strawberry-Lime

      International Cider Challenge

      Gold medal 2013

      Stockholm Beer festival

      Silver medal 2006, Silver medal 2007, Bronze medal 2008, Silver medal 2010, Bronze medal 2014

      The International Brewing Awards

      Silver medal 2013

      Monde selection

      Gold medal 2014, Gold medal 2015

    • Pear

      Stockholm Beer festival

      Silver medal 2006, Silver medal 2007, Bronze medal 2008, Silver medal 2010, Bronze medal 2014

    • Wild berries

      International Cider

      Bronze medal 2006

    • Spiced Apple

      International Cider

      Gold medal 2013

  7. Where is the cider made?

    Apart from selected variants in Australia & New Zealand – all of our cider is made in Vimmerby in the south of Sweden. These ciders, not made in Sweden, are made under license and always have final sign of from Åbro brewery. We only produce cider outside Sweden if transportation to the final destination would be at the detriment to our cider’s final taste.

  8. Rekorderlig Facts

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